Taylor Quick surges the field to praise sweetheart and star tight end Travis Kelce. Sign the music, play the credits and what a wrap to an affection sentiment that unfurled on worldwide TV during the NFL season.

The two embraced after he commended the success from the platform. They left with Kelce's arm behind her.

For the introduction of the prize, Travis Kelce sang a stirring variant of "Viva Las Vegas."

"The objective's forever been to get three," Kelce expressed, alluding to the Central's three Super Bowl wins as of late, "however we were unable to arrive without getting two and having an objective on our back throughout the year."

He lauded his partners, "Family always, I can't be more glad you," while Quick pantomimed blowing kisses from the group. Kelce finished by belting "you must battle for your right...."

The Kansas City Bosses beat the San Francisco 49ers (25-22) in Las Vegas. The game was Quick's thirteenth appearance this season. With her cheering from the stands, the Bosses had a record of 10-3.

Quick watched the game from the set-up of NFL Chief Roger Goodell. He invited her before the opening shot.

She was shown a small bunch of times responding to plays, praising with her companions and dominating a drinking match.

Additionally found in the pressed box were Kelce's and Quick's families, superstars and dear companions.

Quick's gathering included "Karma" associate Ice Flavor, entertainer Blake Enthusiastic, originator Ashley Avignone, companions Miles and Keleigh Teller, and "Snow Around the ocean" co-artist Lana Del Rey.

Quick's mother Andrea, father Scott and sibling Austin, and Kelce's mother Donna, father Ed, sibling Jason and sister by marriage Kylie were additionally there. Paul McCartney swung by in the final quarter.