Valentine’s Day is not limited to a single day; it extends into a week-long celebration known as Valentine Week.

Rose Day: Commence the week with the enduring charm of roses, symbolizing love and affection.

Propose Day: A day for heartfelt expressions and romantic proposals, marking new beginnings in relationships.

Chocolate Day: Delight in the sweetness of love with delectable chocolates, conveying warmth and fondness.

Teddy Day: Embrace the innocence and comfort of love with cuddly teddy bears, spreading joy and happiness.

Promise Day: Strengthen bonds with sincere promises, nurturing trust and commitment in relationships.

Hug Day: Share warmth and affection through heartfelt embraces, offering comfort and support.

Kiss Day: Celebrate intimacy and passion with tender kisses, expressing love and desire.

Valentine Day: The pinnacle of love, a day to cherish and celebrate the profound bond shared with loved ones.