Famous New Zealand Actor Sam Neill Biography 2024

Today in this article we will know about a person who has also acted in Hollywood movies like Jurassic Park. Yes, we are talking about Actor Sam Neill and in this article we have talked about the Actor Sam Neill Biography. Neil is known as a very famous celebrity.

Introduction Of Actor Sam Neill

Sam Neill was born on 14 September 1947.Sam Neill is a New Zealand actor. In his career so far, Neill has played roles in dramas and movies. He is considered one of the best actors till date. Many people also remember him from the film Jurassic Park. He has also acted in many shows including Happy Town, Alcatraz Crusoe. He is known for his latest films. Neill married makeup artist Noriko Watanabe in September 1989.

Actor Sam Neill Biography

Full NameNigel John Dermot Neill
Date Of Birth 14 September 1947
Birthplace Omagh,Northern Ireland
Age76 Years
Mother Name Priscilla Beatrice
Father Name Dermot Neill
Wife Name Noriko Watanabe(1989-2017)
Profession New Zealand Actor
NationalityNew Zealander
Net Worth $18 million

Personal Life Of Actor Sam Neill

Sam Neill was born on 14 September 1947 in Omagh,Northern Ireland as Nigel john Dermot Neill. his father name Dermot Neill, he is an army officer was as second generation New Zealander and his mother name Priscilla Beatrice,was an English women.

In 1954, Sam Neill moved with his family to New Zealand where he went to study Christ’s college ChristChurch there he changed his name Sam because many student name nigel.after school time,he went  to study at the University of Canterbury to pursue studies in English literature.

 Sam Neill has married twice, his first marriage was with actress Lisa Harrow in 1980 when he was doing Oman III, from whom he has a son, and his second marriage was with makeup artist Noriko Watanabe in 1989, from whom he has a daughter, Elina.

In his twenties, Sam Neill dated an Australian journalist named Laura Tingle.

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Career Of Actor Sam Neill

Actor Sam Neill Biography

Sam Neill started his career with the help of the New Zealand National Film Unit. His first New Zealand television appearance was ‘The City of No’ in 1971, followed by his short film ‘The Water Cycle’ in 1972 and Hunt’s Duffer in 1973. He also wrote and directed Telephone Etiquette in 1974.In 1977, he gave his best performance in Sam Neill’s film Sleeping Dogs in New Zealand, which proved to be very good for his career.

After this, Sam Neill went to Australia where he became a guest in a TV show which was a drama series – The Sullivans. After that he joined a drama as a male lead in the international successful drama film ‘My Brilliant Career’ in 1979.

In 1981, Sam Neill played a major role as Damian Thorn, the ‘Son of the Devil’ in the horror film ‘Omen III: the Final Conflict’. This year he starred in another horror film ‘Possession’ And similarly his lead and directed films became popular and today remain a topic of discussion among everyone.

At The End

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People Asking Questions About Actor Sam Neill Biography

1) What is Sam Neill famous for?

Sam Neill is a New Zealand actor, he is famous for his best played role in film such as The Piano,Jurassic Park,Hunt for the wilder people.

2) How did Sam Neill become famous?

Sam Neill is known his contribution to film and well known as his unbelievable played role in Jurassic Park and The Piano.

3) why did Sam Neill change his name?

because of in his college time there is so many student name is same to nigel,so he decided to changed his name Sam.

4) What is the sam neill’s wife name?

Sam Neill was married to Noriko Watanabe in,1989 but divorced.

5) What is the net-worth of Sam Neill?

Sam Neill has a Networth estimated to be about 18 million dollar.

6) what is the age of Sam Neill?

 Sam Neill was born on 14 September 1947,so he is currently 76 year old.

7) Does Sam Neill have a son?

 yes,Tim Neill is a son of Sam Neill.

8) what has happened to sam neill?

he had been diagnosed with Angio immunoblastic t-cell lymphoma, it is a rare form of blood cancer,In 2022.

9) Does Sam Neill have a daughter?

Elena neill is a daughter of Sam Neill.

 10) Was Sam Neill in ‘Lord of the Rings’?

Sam Neill (as a Gandalf).

11) is Sam Neill  living now?

Sam Neill lives in Alexandra, New Zealand and he is own a  winery called two paddocks.

12) why  is Sam Neill called a sir?

 because of his best contribution to film.

 13) does Sam Neill have a brother?

 Michael Neill.

 14) does Sam Neill have  children?

 Sam Neill have two children; Tim neill and Elena neill.

 15) what does the nationality of Sam Neill?

 Sam Neill was born in Oman,Northern Ireland and he is also New Zealander. 

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