World Famous Archer sheetal devi biography 2023 – height,age, family and more

If you want to know about the life of archer Sheetal Devi, then today we will know about the things related to her life in this Sheetal Devi Biography

Archer Sheetal Devi is an Indian para athlete who, despite being disabled, has shown her incredible feat in the field of archery and has shown this world that if the determination is strong then nothing can hinder our success.

Beginning of life Archer Sheetal Devi

Sheetal Devi was born in 2007 in Loi Dhar village of Kishtwar district in Jammu and Kashmir. Sheetal Devi was very keen to go to school and study but was also afraid that due to her disability, would she also be able to study like ordinary children? But by overcoming his fear, she did not let her disability come in the way of her studies and she performed better in her education as well. She was also skilled in archery, which was talked about in the surrounding areas. Similarly, with the help of an army soldier, the coach Kuldeep Vaidwan came to know about Sheetal Devi’s skill and coach Kuldeep immediately gave her a chance to join Vaishno Devi Sign Board Archery Academy located in Katra to further enhance Sheetal Devi’s skill because he came to know that Regarding Sheetal Devi’s ability, he gave opportunity to Sheetal Devi. In this academy, she was given better training in archery.

A unique bow of archer sheetal devi

Archer sheetal devi biography

A special type of bow was prepared for Sheetal which was meant to be held not by hands but by feet. Seeing the disability of Sheetal Devi, this bow was made and Sheetal Devi devoted a lot of her time to training on this special bow. So that she can achieve mastery in using this bow and there is no obstacle of any kind in aiming, seeing her determination, his coach Kuldeep also encouraged him a lot.

Information About Archer Sheetal Devi

Full Name Sheetal Devi
Date Of BirthJan 2007
Age16 Years
Birth PlaceVillage-Loi Dhar,District-kishtwar(Jammu-Kashmir)
Coach NameKuldeep Vaidwan

Achievements achieved by Sheetal Devi in the field of archery

First of all, in 2022, Sheetal Devi participated in the Junior National Archery Championship and in it she performed brilliantly and commendably. In May 2023, she won two silver medals and one bronze medal in the Para Tournament in Czech Republic. At the international level, after this, Sheetal Devi in 2023 With her incredible performance, she secured her fourth position in the women’s compound at the Asian Para Games and also created a new world record.

Praised by Mahindra & Mahindra Chairman

archer sheetal devi

Pleased with the achievements achieved by Sheetal in the Archery Championship, the Mahindra & Mahindra Chairperson has talked about giving Sheetal a personal car of her choice. She says that despite being disabled, Sheetal has achieved her goal with her determination. received which provides an education to our youth hence will be a reward for Sheetal on their behalf.

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Sheetal Devi is determined to reach the world stage

Sheetal Devi had faith in herself but also had a fear in her mind that her disability might become an obstacle in the path of her failure, but due to her determination towards her goal, she knew that one day or the other she would achieve her goal. She will definitely reach her goal and will achieve achievements. Meanwhile, to help her fly, her coach Kuldeep Vidhan helped her, due to which she got more motivation to reach her success and to take her path to success further. For this, she also got the support of an academy and because of her hard work, today she is an inspiration for everyone. She proved that if we are determined to do something then no one can stop us from achieving it. Despite being disabled, she has traveled across the world. I have hoisted the flag of my success and proved that if you take one step forward, the path gets created automatically, you just need to have determination in your mind.

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