10+Interesting Facts About Axolotls

Facts About Axolotls – The axolotl is a type of salamander that has the ability to self-heal and can grow back any of its lost limbs and other body parts. It has a long tail, flat head, smooth skin and looks like a type of lizard. The axolotl comes in many colors. Like they often look black, grayish white. mostly people like to keep them in their homes too.

Facts About Axolotls for kids

Facts About Axolotls

1) The word axolotl means water dog and comes from the ancient Aztecs.

The word Axolotols has connected to the concept of mythology.In which the xolotl was the god of fire, lighting etc.

2) Axolotl is a type of amphibian which is also called Mexican walking fish.

Axolotls are amphibians, means they are live in water. Mostly amphibian have legs and they are spend their lifespan without water but Axolotls don’t leave water even as adults. so that’s the reason they are called ‘Walking Fish‘.

3) Axolotls are commonly found in Lake Xocnimilco in Mexico City

4) Axolotl is also considered a type of pet.

5) Ambhibians can regenerate their body parts and Axolotls also have a amphibian.

so that’s the reason Axolotl can regrow its lost limbs, heart and other body parts with its ability to regrow.

6) The axolotl is a carnivorous animal that eats worms, insects and small fish.

7) The axolotl has a lifespan of approximately 10 to 15 years.

8) Do you know white and pink type of axolotl known as leucistic which are rare species.

In the wild case, they have a attractive color like pink or white but actually the reason behind the color of Albino Axolotl is lack of pigmentation so they are in white color and the Leucistic Axolotl lack pigmentation then they are in pink color.

9) It is neotenic which means axolotls never react metamorphosis.

Neotenic described as the animal that keep their juvenile characteristics until adulthood.

10) Axolotl’s external gill are feathery.

Axolotls have either side of feather, actually that is their gills and they help to take more oxygen.

10 interesting facts about axolotls

Facts About Axolotls

11) The Axolotl are in critically endangered by the IUCN’s red list due to pollution.

12) Axolotl do not  have eyelids that’s the reason they sleep with their open eyes.

13) Axolotl also is known as nocturnal creature because they active at night and sleeps during the day.

14) Axolotl have the second largest genome.

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15) Various type of references includes axolotl in games and events.

16) Axolotl also use their lungs to breathe air.

In the water, Axolotls mostly take oxygen with the help of their gills but at the critical situations Axolotls use their lung when then quality of water is very bad.

17) Axolotl have no teeth.

Axolotls eat their food without chewing they suck food and swallow it.

18) Axolotls are resistant to cancer.

Axolotls have the regenerative abilities so that the compared to mammals, Axolotls have more ability to resistant cancer.

Some people ask interesting question

Axolotls are kept as a pets in home?

Yes , scientific proved Axolotls are friendly in nature so a lot people kept Axolotl as a pet

What does an axolotl eat?

Axolotls are carnivore so they eat worms , insects etc.

Where does an Axolotl found in the world?

An Axolotl mostly found in the mexican city, lake Xocnimilco

What is special about Axolotl?

They have ability to regenerate their lost body parts.

What is another name of axolotl?

Walking Fish.

Can Axolotl breathe?

Axolotl also breathe air with the help of lungs.

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